1 Cup Teapot

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1 Cup Teapot

There's really nothing like a cup of tea, and when you're making yourself a single cup of tea, what you need is the one cup teapot. Helps avoid that awkward moment where you put in half the amount of tea for your regular teapot and then have a brain fart and fill it all the way up with water, resulting in a weak cup of tea which may leave you in a glass case of emotion. 

With the 1 cup teapot, you'll have made the right amount of tea, the strength you like it, and have a super cute teapot to boot!

The teapot is thrown on the wheel, and features teapot holes where the body meets the spout to prevent tea leaves clogging the spout as you pour. The lid has a mechanism to stop the lid falling out as you tip it.

Height to knob - 12cm
Diameter of body - 10cm
Spout to handle - 17cm

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